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1.What Is UBEX? :-

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  • Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange.(Google Adsense In Blockchain).
  • On this platform companies advertise effectively, while publishers profitably
    tokenize ad slots on their resources.
  •  This Project create a global advertising ecosystem with a high level of mutual trust and maximum efficiency.
  • This Project Use Artificial Intelligence In Advertising.

2.The Problems In The Advertising Network:-

  • Ubex solves the problems of the industry through the use of Blockchain technology.

A-For User:-

  • Irrelevant and annoying advertisements being displayed.
  • High Risk Due to Scammers use of coercive and provocative methods of advertising.
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  • Overpayment for products / services, due to multiple intermediaries and high commissions.

B-For Advertisers:-

  • Uncertainty of achieving results as advertisers are forced to pay
    for clicks and displayed ads without a guarantee of actual sales.
  • Difficulty in figuring out all available advertising channels,
    leading to the need to hire marketing staff.

C-For Publishers:-

  • Struggle to find advertisers to fill ad slots.
  • Low Earning and inability to forecast future payments from advertisers.
  • Payment delays and non-payments from dishonest advertisers.

3.How Ubex Advertising System Work?

A-An advertising campaign is created through a personal account in four simple steps:-

  • (1) Create an offer and specify the commercial terms.
  • (2) Select a widget or create your own
  • (3) Select the interests of the target audience.
  • (4) Launch an advertising campaign and monitor the results.

B-Publishers connect their advertising slot to the advertising In four simple step :-

  • (1) Register an advertising slot.
  • (2) Adjust advertising topic restrictions.
  • (3) Specify geolocation, audience interests and social parameters.
  • (4) Set restrictions on widgets and advertisers.

C-Payment System of Advertiser and Publisher:- 

UBEX is a payment token, that is used as a medium of exchange between advertisers and publishers within the blockchain system.

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