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programming skill for blockchain

Technical or Programming Skill Required for blockchain

Everyone is talking about blockchain.It doesn’t matter which industry you work,All of Industries are trying to implement blockchain,Blockchain is a cutting edge technology which is changing a lot of things.It is replacing the old way of working and then implementing a new way.Now one question-which technical or programming skill required for blockchain. These Questions which […]

whai is blockchain

What Is Blockchain Technology? Public vs Private blockchain

1. What Is Blockchain:- Blockchian is a Decentralized,Immutable and Distributed ledger system,and  Blockchain was adapted by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 to create the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin Blockchain is a chain of blocks,each block contains some data.the hash of the block and the hash of the previous block remain same,and the name of the first block is called […]

Snapparazzi-Decentralised Media Sharing & Advertising Platform

Snapparazzi-Decentralised Media Sharing & Advertising Platform Snapparazzi Website:- Snapparazzi Whitepaper:- 1.What is Snapparazzi:- Snapparazzi is a decentralised independent media sharing & advertising platform. Utilising blockchain technology and offering everyone SnapCoin rewards. The Snapparazzi platform aims to disrupt the video-on-demand and digital ad spending markets Snapparazzi is everywhere, because smartphones are everywhere. Snapparazzi permanently solves the […]

How to become blockchain developer

How to become blockchain developer?

Who Are Blockchain Developer:- who develops apps using blockchain technology and the people findling around with the architecture and design models of blockchain account blockchain .now we know that who are blockchain developers let’s go through the types of blocks in developers 1. Core Blockchain Developers:- Core blockchain developer  generally are involved in developing the […]